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Ten02 Incorporated raises funds to help youth in the region and is proud to currently support the following programs.   “Faith makes things possible!”

Faith Kitchen

Faith Kitchen is a program run in Bellarine Estate Winery in conjunction with Bellarine Secondary College. The program engages with year 9 to 11 students from Bellarine Scondary College, teaching them how to operate a restaurant, including cooking and serving. Six time per year the students take over Bellarine Estate’s restaurant and open Faith Kitchen.

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Faith Garden

Faith Garden is an extension of the Faith Kitchen program. We have access to land on the Bellarine Peninsula where we intent to establish a community garden, predominetly run by youth. The produce grown in the garden will be used in several of our programs including Faith Kitchen, where it will be used to serve customers via Faith Mobile as well as being used in preserves and jams.

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Faith Kitchen – Mobile

We are currently in the process of raising funds to fit out a mobile food van. The van will form and intergral part of the Faith Kitchen program in 2016, with the students taking the van to the streets to work with local community groups on helping feed those in need. The van will also be used on weekends to raise funds for Ten02 Incorporated.